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For achieving balanced temperatures and comfort in your living and working environments all year round, having dependable and highly efficient heating and air conditioning in Melbourne is more than essential.  It also crucial that you have a reliable contractor whenever you need a heating or air con service in Melbourne.

For over five decades, Fujitsu has provided a wide range of heating and air conditioning in Melbourne and across Australia. The main features of the brand’s heating and AC units include high efficiency level, superior quality and proven reliability that make Fujitsu a suitable solution for heating or cooling single rooms, entire houses and office buildings.

The technicians at Melbourne Air Con Services have all what it takes to conduct quality Fujitsu AC and heating services in Melbourne.

Need a new system set up? We will explain the difference between systems within a wide range of Fujitsu products and help you find the most suitable one for your heating or cooling needs and budgets and install it with minimum disruption to your schedules.

Having some issues with your Fujitsu heating or air conditioning units? Get in touch with Melbourne Air Con Services and our technicians will be at your door as quickly as possible, detect the fault and repair it right the first time. They carry with them a variety of replacement parts and equipment which enables  them to perform most of repairs as well as other AC and heating services in Melbourne in one visit. When the repair is not the long term solution, we will discuss possible alternatives with you and make the most suitable replacement proposal.

Annual maintenance of your Fujitsu heaters and air conditioners will ensure peak performances of your units and enable easier control of their energy consumption which will save you money on expensive repairs and high utility bills. Checkups will also extend your systems’ lifespan, enabling them to be there for you for years to come. At Melbourne Air Con Services, the team of dedicated technicians has all the knowledge and experience to perform detailed assessments of your Fujitsu units and ensure their optimal operations at all times. One off checkups as well as regular maintenance contracts are available no matter if you have your units set up by Melbourne Air Con Services or a different contractor.

When you hire us, be certain that you will get your peace of mind and the comfort you deserve all year round!

Melbourne Air Con Services  takes its pride in delivering quality results, excellent customer service at the most affordable prices.